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OE NO. Reference:
5716527AC, 0K60A-32-110,48,82,53601-SDP-A01,49BB,T11-34BB,34111,,,11,,,GB01-32-370,GA97-32-110,BA29-32-110,BF67-32-110B,BF67-32-110A,BC50-32-110A,SA44-32-110A,DA6A32110C,LZ,LZ111-34571,49,8540586,48510-85530,45510-12081,45510-12180,45203-38040,11345061,862419063C,4A1422065AX,10301757,0K71C-32110,0K70A-32-110,4410A604,49BB,LK-3411571,LK-3457110B,F3-3457190,S6-3411571,EG-3411571,3457110XSZ08A,3411110-K-,6R1423055K,76,B,46500-09006,A9064601800,45510-12540,44250-32230,44200- 0571 0,44200-58571,45510-58060,44250-20390,45510-0D560,45510-F4571,44250-25030,53601-SWA-Q01,53601-TG2-T01,51336-S04-001,4410A770,4410A454,49001-JN30A,49200-4N105,48001-CY571,48500-73R00-000,48580-71L13,48500-M68P02,48580-65J01,48500-52S00,48500-M66R00,D09L32110C,GJG9-32-110C,K011-32-110M,5M513200FA,57710-05900,F87Z-3504-LC/RM,4001.EX,45502-B1300,,,,44200-42130

Our Advantages

1):Reliable–Have more than 10 years experience in exporting auto parts
2):Professional-Professional production equipment & assembly line and advanced assembly testing facilities.
3):Quality: Medium to high end quality, mainly exports to European market.
4):Efficiency: Cooperating with us means working with more than 300 reliable suppliers in China indirectly.



1.Main Markets?
80% of our products are exported to Europe and the whole America.

2.Main Car Models?
European Cars.

3.Our Main Strength?
More than 10 years experience in auto parts field. Over 300 reliable suppliers.Save your time!

4.Order amount request
Minimum order amount should be $3,000.00

5.What services can we provide?
Warranty: 12 months
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF;
Accepted Payment Currency: USD;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C;
Accepted transportation way: by sea, by air, by express, by train
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish


After-sales Service: 12months
Warranty: 12months
Type: Steering Gear


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Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

plastic gear rack

Can rack and pinion systems withstand variations in environmental conditions?

Rack and pinion systems are designed to operate reliably under various environmental conditions. Here’s a detailed explanation of how these systems can withstand variations in environmental conditions:

Rack and pinion systems are commonly used in a wide range of industries and applications, and they are engineered to withstand different environmental factors. Some key considerations regarding the ability of rack and pinion systems to withstand variations in environmental conditions include:

  • Temperature: Rack and pinion systems are designed to operate effectively within a specified temperature range. The materials chosen for the components should be capable of withstanding both high and low temperatures without significant degradation. For example, steel or stainless steel components can handle a wider temperature range compared to certain plastics. In extreme temperature conditions, additional measures such as insulation or cooling systems may be required to ensure optimal performance.
  • Humidity and Moisture: Rack and pinion systems can be designed to operate in environments with high humidity or moisture. Materials with good corrosion resistance, such as stainless steel or certain plastics, are often used to minimize the risk of rust or degradation due to moisture exposure. Proper sealing and protective coatings can also be applied to sensitive components to prevent water ingress and maintain system integrity.
  • Dust and Particles: In environments where there is a presence of dust, dirt, or other particles, rack and pinion systems can be designed with protective measures. Sealed enclosures, gaskets, or covers can be employed to minimize the entry of contaminants into the system. Choosing materials with low friction properties can help reduce the accumulation of particles on the gear surfaces, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing wear.
  • Chemical Exposure: Rack and pinion systems may encounter exposure to various chemicals depending on the application. In such cases, material selection is crucial to ensure compatibility with the specific chemical environment. Stainless steel or plastics that exhibit resistance to chemicals can be chosen to prevent corrosion or degradation. It’s important to consider the specific chemical composition, concentration, and duration of exposure when selecting materials.
  • Vibration and Shock: Rack and pinion systems can be designed to withstand vibrations and shocks that may occur in certain applications. Robust construction, proper mounting, and securing mechanisms can help minimize the impact of vibrations and shocks on the system. Damping materials or isolation techniques may be employed to further reduce the transmission of vibrations and protect sensitive components.
  • Outdoor and Harsh Environments: Rack and pinion systems used in outdoor or harsh environments may require additional protection. Enclosures, coatings, or specialized seals can be employed to shield the system from exposure to sunlight, rain, dust, or corrosive elements. Materials with enhanced UV resistance and weatherproof properties may be chosen to ensure long-term performance and durability.

By considering factors such as temperature, humidity, moisture, dust, chemicals, vibration, shock, and environmental exposure, rack and pinion systems can be designed to withstand variations in environmental conditions. Proper material selection, sealing mechanisms, protective coatings, and maintenance practices play crucial roles in ensuring the system’s reliability and longevity in diverse operating environments.

plastic gear rack

How do rack and pinion systems handle variations in backlash and precision?

Rack and pinion systems are designed to minimize variations in backlash and ensure high precision in motion control. Here’s a detailed explanation of how rack and pinion systems handle variations in backlash and precision:

Backlash in Rack and Pinion Systems:

Backlash refers to the play or clearance between the teeth of the pinion and the rack in a rack and pinion system. It can result in a loss of precision and accuracy in motion control. However, there are several strategies employed to handle variations in backlash:

  • Precision Manufacturing: Rack and pinion systems are manufactured with high precision to minimize backlash. The teeth of both the pinion and the rack are carefully machined to ensure accurate tooth profiles and proper tooth engagement. Precision manufacturing techniques, such as grinding and honing, are utilized to achieve tight tolerances and reduce backlash to a minimum.
  • Preload Mechanisms: Preload mechanisms can be incorporated into rack and pinion systems to reduce or eliminate backlash. These mechanisms apply a slight force or tension to the pinion and the rack, ensuring constant contact between the teeth. By eliminating the clearance between the teeth, preload mechanisms minimize backlash and enhance precision. Common preload mechanisms include spring-loaded systems, adjustable shims, and anti-backlash devices.
  • Compensation Techniques: Compensation techniques can be employed to handle variations in backlash. These techniques involve implementing controls or software algorithms that account for the expected backlash and compensate for it during motion control. By applying appropriate corrections and adjustments, the system can achieve the desired precision and accuracy, even in the presence of backlash.

Precision in Rack and Pinion Systems:

Precision in rack and pinion systems refers to the ability to achieve accurate and repeatable motion control. Several factors contribute to maintaining precision in rack and pinion systems:

  • Rigidity and Structural Integrity: The rigidity and structural integrity of the rack and pinion system play a crucial role in maintaining precision. Stiffness in the system ensures minimal deflection or deformation during operation, allowing for accurate positioning and motion control. Proper selection of materials, adequate sizing of components, and robust construction are essential for maintaining precision.
  • Lubrication and Maintenance: Proper lubrication is important for reducing friction and wear in rack and pinion systems. Adequate lubrication minimizes variations in friction, ensuring smooth and consistent motion. Regular maintenance, including lubrication checks and cleaning, helps to preserve precision over time and prevent degradation in performance.
  • System Alignment: Precise alignment of the rack and pinion system is critical for maintaining precision. Proper alignment ensures accurate tooth engagement and minimizes variations in backlash. Alignment procedures may involve careful adjustment of mounting positions, gear meshing, and system calibration to achieve optimal precision.

By employing precision manufacturing techniques, incorporating preload mechanisms, utilizing compensation techniques, ensuring system rigidity, implementing effective lubrication and maintenance practices, and maintaining proper system alignment, rack and pinion systems can handle variations in backlash and maintain high precision in motion control. These measures contribute to accurate positioning, repeatability, and reliable performance in a wide range of applications.

plastic gear rack

How does a rack and pinion compare to other mechanisms for linear motion?

When comparing a rack and pinion mechanism to other mechanisms for linear motion, several factors come into play. Here’s a detailed comparison:

  • Simplicity: Rack and pinion systems are relatively simple in design, consisting of just two main components: a rack and a pinion gear. This simplicity makes them easier to manufacture, assemble, and maintain compared to more complex linear motion mechanisms.
  • Precision: Rack and pinion systems offer high precision in linear motion control. The teeth on the rack and pinion gears mesh closely, minimizing backlash and allowing for accurate and repeatable motion. This precision is crucial in applications that require precise positioning and movement control.
  • Efficiency: Rack and pinion systems are known for their efficiency in power transmission. The direct mechanical linkage between the rotating pinion gear and the linearly moving rack minimizes energy loss, resulting in efficient conversion of rotational motion to linear motion. This efficiency is particularly advantageous in applications where energy conservation is important.
  • Load Capacity: Rack and pinion systems can handle a wide range of load capacities, depending on the design and materials used. The teeth on the rack and pinion gears distribute the load evenly, allowing for efficient transmission of force. However, in certain high-load applications, alternative mechanisms like linear actuators or ball screw systems may offer higher load-bearing capabilities.
  • Speed: Rack and pinion systems can achieve high speeds in linear motion applications. The direct engagement between the teeth on the rack and pinion allows for rapid acceleration and deceleration, making them suitable for applications that require quick and responsive movements.
  • Size and Space Requirements: Rack and pinion systems have a compact design, which is advantageous in applications where space is limited. The linear nature of the rack allows for efficient packaging, making them suitable for compact machinery and equipment.
  • Cost: Rack and pinion systems are generally cost-effective compared to some alternative linear motion mechanisms. Their simple design and ease of manufacturing contribute to lower production costs, making them a cost-efficient choice in many applications.

In summary, rack and pinion systems offer simplicity, precision, efficiency, and high-speed capabilities in linear motion applications. While they may have certain limitations in terms of load capacity compared to other mechanisms, their overall advantages make them a popular choice in various industries, including automotive, robotics, machinery, and automation.

China Best Sales CZPT LHD Hydraulic Auto Power Steering Gear Mechanical Steering Rack Car Steering Rack and Pinion Fit for Chevrolet CZPTAudi VW CZPT bevel spiral gearChina Best Sales CZPT LHD Hydraulic Auto Power Steering Gear Mechanical Steering Rack Car Steering Rack and Pinion Fit for Chevrolet CZPTAudi VW CZPT bevel spiral gear
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