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Solution Description

Element description of the galvanized metal construction as follows:

Content: Galvanized plate
Zinc: 275g/M2 or for every your request
Use: CZPT property brace connector
Thickness: 2.0mm
Rectangular pipe: 60mm spherical pipe

Greenhouse Proportions
eight m Bay width
5bays No of Bays
forty m Greenhouse Width
a hundred twenty five m Greenhouse Length
five,000  m2 Total CZPT residence Region
three.5 m Height to the Ridge
five.5 m Peak to the CZPT
3 No. of Facet polycarbonate Keeping Profile
3 No. of CZPT polycarbonate Keeping Profile
one No. of CZPT residence Facet Doors
one No. of entrance space at the doorway
3 Stage Electricity
5 No of CZPT Ventilations
Motor Open up/Near
2 No of sideVentilations
Motor Open up/Shut

Sample Image:


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