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Item Description

As a specialist CZPT SC200/200 building hoist maker and provider, we source the  dependable hoist includes Chimney hoist, inclined hoist and outstanding service to CZPT CZPT ers. We have been in the business a lot more than thirty many years. As CZPT foremost product, we have exported a lot of construction hoist to several countries which includes CZPT ica, Australia, Canada, Singapore, CZPT , Middle CZPT area and and so forth

ANKA gives  the load ability ranges from 1000kg ,2000kg, 2700kg and up to3200kg, and with immediate motor driven and frequency conversion driven system. And also provide the CZPT erized size of cage to fulfill the special demand from customers from the CZPT ers.

SC200/200GD development hoist
Double cage
Capability: 2 x 2000kg
Velocity: 40 m/min
A few motor & CZPT on the prime.
Cage dimension: 3.2 * 1.5 *2.2 m, 3.8 *1.5*2.5m (l*w*h)
(Customized cabin size is CZPT )
Galvanized mast segment

Hoist Sort Main Specification
Product Payload(kg) Speed (m/min)  
Single cage SC100TD a thousand 36  
SC200TD 2000 36  
Twin cage SC100/100TD 2×1000 36  
SC200/200TD 2×2000 36  
Single cage SC100GD a thousand 0-40  
SC200GD 2000 0-forty  
Twin cage SC100/100GD 2×1000 0-forty  
SC200/200GD 2×2000 0-40  
Single cage SC120GZ 1200 0-sixty three  
SC200GZ 2000 0-63  
SC270GZ 2700 0-63  
Twin cage SC120/120GZ 2×1200 0-63  
SC200/200GZ 2×2000 0-63  
SC270/270GZ 2×2700 0-sixty three  
Single cage SC200G 2000 0-96  
SC270GS 2700 0-ninety six  
Twin cage SCD200/200G 2×2000 0-96  
SCD270/270G 2×2700 0-96  
SCD320/320G 2×3200 0-ninety six  


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