china supplier CNC Made Mod M7-M8 Spur Gear Rack and Pinion Hot Sale manufacturers

Solution Description

M8 gear rack and pinion for development hoist 
Material: (S45C medium carbon metal) C45 

Tooth sort: straight tooth

Building CZPT rack
Gear Rack

Design CZPT Gear Rack


All kinds of hoist spare elements

Driving unit with 2-motors / 3-motors

motor: 11kw, 14.5kw,18kw

motor spare components: braking program brake sheet, motor adjustor, electromagnet,motor supporter.

security unit: 30KN,40KN,50KN,60KN

gearbox: sixteen:1,fourteen:1,twelve:one hundred ten:one

Hoist Driving gadget

M8 40x60x1508mm

china  supplier CNC Manufactured Mod M7-M8 Spur Gear Rack and Pinion Sizzling Sale makers