in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Demaisi 23.5*42.5*9 10 Oil Seal for Power Steering Rack Seal manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Demaisi 23.5*42.5*9 10 Oil Seal for Power Steering Rack Seal manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

In addition, all our production methods are in compliance with ISO9002 expectations. It has proven steady cooperation with a lot of nicely identified universities and institutes in china these kinds of as, Zhejiang College, Jilin College, Specialized committee of nationwide chain generate standard, Institute of national chain push, Zhejiang software engineering materials institute, Huhan materials protection institute and it cooperated to located China First Vehicle chain institute with Countrywide chain travel institute. High quality and credit rating are the bases that make a corporation alive.


With EPTT steering method the EPTr demands to supply only modest work on the steering wheel, reXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.dless of roadways problems. Numerous EPTT steering programs use substantial-force EPT techniques the place seals are essential parts, taking part in an EPTTant position in avoiding strain loss.

DEMAISI EPTT steering seals keep steering fluid in higher-pressure applications although enabling for reduced friction in the a variety of elements of a EPTT steering device. DEMAISI skills and in depth creation experience allows us to EPT EPTd steering seal types for traditional EPT and gasoline successful electric powered steering techniques

Our variety incEPTTs:

For EPT programs
pump seals
enter seals
pinion seals
rack seals

Construction of oil seal with again-up ring

Its middle usually has a EPT supporting ring, to fulfill the lips need of bearing strain, which is usually manufactured of HNBR. We provide the NBR and HNBR material goods, consumers can decide on according to actual need independence.

Solution layout

a. It has the traits of the engine oil resistance and low friction for the duration of procedure
b. The layout of back-up ring can boost the strain tolerance and prevent the lip from overturning


  • Lowered friction drag and enhanced sealing
  • Exceptional force and fluid resistance
  • Resistance to forced extrusion of rubber
  • EPT set up
  • Extensive temperature assortment
  • Good contamination exclusion

product listing

NO. Dimension NO. Measurement NO. Dimension
1 ten*twenty*five 106 24*33*5/five,five 203 27*36*five,5
two 10*20*seven 107 24*33,five*six 204 27*37*3,two
3 ten*22*6/six,five 108 24*34*7 205 27*37*three,five/7
109 24*34,5*three,eight/six,35 206 27*37*seven
four twelve*19*7,five a hundred and ten 24*34,7*five,8/seven,eight 207 27*38*8,five
5 twelve*22*6 111 24*35*twelve 208 27*39*15
six twelve*22*6/6,five 112 24*35*eight,five 209 27*40*6,9
7 12*24*six/6,five 113 24*36*17,eight 210 27*40*eight
eight 12*27*ten/10,5 114 24*36,five*8,5 211 27*41*eight,five
one hundred fifteen 24*36,five*9 212 27*forty two*7
nine 13*22*7/8 116 24*36,5*9/ten 213 27*42*eight,5
117 24*36/37*8,5/seventeen,7 214 27*43*8,five
10 fourteen*28*seven 118 24*37*eight,5 215 27*forty four*7/7,5
119 24*37,seven/forty one,3*4,2/7,four 216 27*forty four*eight,5
11 15*24*seven/seven,five one hundred twenty 24*38*12 217 27*45*8,five
twelve fifteen*25*six/6,5 121 24*38*8,5 218 27*46*9,five/10,five
13 fifteen*26*2/seven 122 24*38,3*eight,5 219 27,5*39,four*6,five
14 fifteen*thirty*seven/seven,five 123 24*38,six/45*4/10 220 27,5*fifty*nine/ten
15 fifteen*32*7/7,five 124 24*39*8,five 221 27,seven*38*eight,5
a hundred twenty five 24*forty*8 222 27,seven*39*eight,5
13 sixteen*28*six,seven 126 24*41*12,five 223 27,seven*39,6*20
fourteen sixteen*forty*ten/ten,5 127 24*forty one*eight,five 224 27,7*41*8
fifteen sixteen*44*five,5/twelve 128 24*forty two*eight 225 27,7*42*8,five
129 24*forty two,5*thirteen 226 27,7*forty four*nine/10
16 17*29*7 one hundred thirty 24*forty two,5*8,5 227 27,7*forty six*twelve
seventeen 17*30*8/8,5 131 24*forty two,five*nine/10
18 17*35*seven/seven,five 132 24*forty three*seven 228 28*37*4,5
19 seventeen*47*8 133 24*forty three*8,5 229 28*38*7
twenty seventeen,forty five*28,45*6,35/six,eighty five 134 24*forty seven*7/7,five 230 28*38*nine
21 seventeen,5*25,five*four/6,5 one hundred thirty five 24*sixty six*six,five 231 28*39*15
136 24*78*six,five 232 28*forty*eight
22 eighteen*30*6,four/seven 137 24,five*35*3,8/six,five 233 28*41*six,5
23 eighteen*30*6/6,5 138 24,5*35/forty*8,3/nine,six 234 28*41*8
24 eighteen*30*7/9 139 24,5*37,5/forty one,4*7,seven/2 235 28*forty one*8,five
twenty five eighteen,seven*29*7/7,5 one hundred forty 24,five*39,three*12,6/10 236 28*44,six*9
26 18,7*35*seven 141 24,5*41,5*7,five 237 28*48*8
27 eighteen,seventy five*30*five/five,5 142 24,ninety seven*37,54/forty one,24*four,two/seven,4 238 28*48*9/10
143 24,99*37,fifty four*7 239 28,5*47*six/7
28 19*28*five/5,five 144 24,99*43*nine
29 19*29*4,five/five,five 240 29*forty*8,5
thirty 19*30*5,5/six a hundred forty five 25*33*6/6,five 241 29*43*7
31 19*32*six/seven 146 25*33/37,five*six,seven/8 242 29,5*forty two,one*fifteen,three/seventeen,three
32 19*32*seven/eight 147 twenty five*35*3,two/6,four 243 29,five*47*six/7
33 19*32*7,five/8,five 148 twenty five*35*6 244 29,five*50*ten
34 19*34,45*six,2/nine,two 149 25*35*6/6,45
35 19*34,5*six,2/nine a hundred and fifty 25*35*six/six,5 245 thirty*40*3,eight/6,five
36 19*35*5/5,5 151 25*35*seven 246 thirty*40*7
37 19*38*7,two/eight 152 25*35*8 247 30*forty two,five*six,five
38 19,05*33,33*seven,93/nine,four 153 twenty five*35*8,5 248 30*42,six*eight
39 19,05*33,forty five*7,ninety two/8,42 154 twenty five*35/40*8,three/9,six 249 thirty*forty five,five*8,five
40 19,05*34,six*4,4/five,9 a hundred and fifty five twenty five*36/forty one*three/9 250 30*forty six*8
forty one 19,05*37*six,5/seven,5 156 twenty five*37*six/6,five 251 30*47*8,5
forty two 19,five*30*6/6,4 157 25*37,five*six,5 252 30*48*eight
43 19,eight*39,7*six,35 158 twenty five*37,five/41,5*7,five 253 thirty*fifty*10
159 25*37,6*7,three 254 thirty*52*ten
forty four twenty*thirty*five/5,five 160 25*37,64*six,two 255 thirty*fifty two*seven/7,5
45 20*30*five/6 161 twenty five*37,7*6,six
46 twenty*thirty*7/7,five 162 twenty five*37,75/41,5*seven,five 256 31*44,five*8,5
47 twenty*35*7/8 163 25*37,eight/41,6*4,four/7,5 257 31*forty six*8,5
forty eight twenty*39,five*six,5 164 twenty five*37,85*six,3 258 31*fifty,9*8,5
forty nine twenty*39,62*six,35 165 25*38*10,two/12,7 259 31,five*44,5*6,5
fifty twenty*39,seven*six,three 166 25*38,two*seven,2 260 31,5*fifty two,3*ten
51 twenty*40*ten 167 twenty five*38,four/forty four,five*five,five/12,5 261 31,5*53*eight,5
52 twenty*40*10/ten,five 168 25*38,five/forty five*4/10 262 31,seventy five*forty four,45*6,35/6,eight
fifty three twenty*forty*eleven/eleven,5 169 25*38/forty one*4,three/seven,five 263 31,75*fifty four*eight,five
fifty four twenty*42*eight a hundred and seventy 25*39,2*ten/twelve,5
fifty five 20,5*forty one,twenty five*six,5 171 25*39,three*twelve,six 264 32*forty four,five*ten
172 twenty five*39,3*15,2 265 32*forty four,five*six,five
fifty six 21*33*8/5,five 173 twenty five*39,five*ten,five/13 266 32*44,five*8,five
fifty seven 21,5*39,four*ten/12,five 174 25*39,5*8,five 267 32*45*8/eight,5
one hundred seventy five twenty five*forty*7,2 268 32*forty seven,five*ten/11,five
58 22*31*six,five/seven 176 25*40*7,6/eight,9 269 32*forty nine*12,five
59 22*32*six/6,five 177 25*40*eight,six 270 32*forty nine*eight,five
60 22*32*7 178 twenty five*forty one,2*7,five 271 32*52*7/seven,five
sixty one 22*32*seven/eight 179 twenty five*41,twenty five*seven,three 272 32*fifty three*eight,5
sixty two 22*34*eight 180 25*forty one,25*eight,5
sixty three 22*34,5/38*four,three/eight 181 twenty five*forty two*eight,5 273 34*48*10
64 22*35*6/six,5 182 25*forty two,five*12,5 274 34*fifty*8
65 22*35*seven 183 twenty five*forty two,5*8 275 34*fifty three*8
sixty six 22*35*8,five 184 twenty five*43*eight 276 34*56*8
67 22*35,2*three,2/8,eighty five 185 twenty five*forty four*8,5
sixty eight 22*35,three*3/ten,five 186 twenty five*45*11/eleven,5 277 35*47*six/6,5
69 22*35,5*10/15,5 187 25*45*eight 278 35*47*7/seven,five
70 22*36*seven 188 twenty five*forty seven*6/6,5 279 35*forty seven*seven/9
seventy one 22*36*8 189 25*fifty two*7/seven,5 280 35*fifty*8
seventy two 22*36,5*eight one hundred ninety 25,4*35*6 281 35*56*8
73 22*38*8 191 twenty five,4*forty two,65*8 282 35*sixty two*eight
74 22*38*nine 192 25,forty four*41,three*10
seventy five 22*38,2*eight 193 twenty five,5*37,five/forty one,5*4,2/7,5 283 37*51*eight
seventy six 22*39*eight,5 194 twenty five,five*38,five*8,5
seventy seven 22*39,4*10/twelve,6 195 25,five*39,five*eight,five 284 38,1*50,8*5,5
seventy eight 22*42*seven 196 twenty five,five*forty one,1*8
79 22*47*7/7,five 197 twenty five,5*42,five*8 285 40*fifty two*seven/seven,5
eighty 22,22*32*5,five 198 twenty five,five*42,5*8,5 286 forty*55*9/ten,5
81 22,five*34,three/forty,two*seven,five 199 twenty five,5*forty four*eight,5
eighty two 22,seventy five*34,three*6,6 two hundred twenty five,8*forty four*8 284 41,28*60,32*9,5
83 22,eight*33,five*six 201 twenty five,ninety four*forty one*ten
285 forty five*62*seven/7,5
84 23*32,five*6/8,3 202 26*35*7
85 23*32,7*5,5/7,5 202 26*38*12 286 fifty,five*65*8,3/8,8
86 23*34,2/38*4,3/7,5 202 26*38*eight 287 fifty eight*75*seven,five/11,5
87 23*34,2/38*eight,8 202 26*38*8,five
88 23*34,3*6,35 202 26*38/40*eight,5/seventeen,7 288 105*one hundred twenty*eleven
89 23*34,3*6,six 202 26*forty*8
90 23*34,three/38*seven,5 202 26*forty one*8,five
91 23*34,three/forty,three*4,2/7,seven 202 26*forty two,five*8,5
ninety two 23*34,4/38,3*4,three/8 202 26*forty three*twelve,five
93 23*34,five*six,35 202 26*forty three*8
ninety four 23*34,7*6,3 202 26*44*8,5
ninety five 23*35*8 202 26*44*nine/ten
96 23*36,eight*twelve 202 26*44,5*8
97 23*37*8,5 202 26*45*eight
ninety eight 23*38*six,five 202 26*forty five*eight,5
99 23*39*eight,five 202 26*forty six*eight
one hundred 23*forty one*8 202 26*forty seven*eight,five
a hundred and one 23*48,five*7,5 202 26*48*nine,5
102 23,5*33,5*6 202 26*fifty*8,5
103 23,five*37*8,five 202 26,5*forty four*8,5
104 23,five*39*eight,5 202 26,eighty five*36,nine*6,five/seven
a hundred and five 23,5*forty two*eight

Product EPTT

Product Set


1:Why a lot more and a lot more clients pick S ampP rubber seal?

  • We are EPTTized in the production and exporting of substantial quality seals. Choose us is to select the relaxation assured.
  • We primarily creates various varieties, technical specs, versions of the seals of higher precision mechanical parts. We have all the specifications of what you require to aid you attain 1-cease shopping, conserve time, hard work and be concerned.
  • We has EPTT been a domestic and global quite a few oil seal mould provide organization of manufacturer, services for fifteen many years, we have specialist skills and merchandise investigation and deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ment tools, our analysis and deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ment capability, is the domestic 1st-class oil seal company house.
  • We give 1-end sealing options, and supply a complete range of solutions, from item style, mold deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ment, stamping skeEPTTn, vulcanization molding, clip, EPTing and EPTT,. The entire approach would just take a shorter, far more steady quality.

two: What is your EPTT?

  • Paper roller: 10pcs in one particular roller, 200 rollers in one carton
  • PP bag: fifty or 100pcs in one particular bag,fifteen or thirty bags in one particular carton
  • Box: 1pcto a box
  • According to customer’s ask for.

three:Day of Delivery

  • one-2 daEPTTif items in stock.
  • 10-fifteen daEPTTif merchandise out of inventory with molding.
  • 25-thirty daEPTTif items out of inventory without molding.

4:Payment Expression:

  • thirty% T/T in EPT and 70% balance paid before cargo.
  • West union
  • Paypal
  • other folks for discussion

5: Can you produce according to the samples?

  • We have our possess brand of DEMAISI.
  • We take ODM and OEM at the exact same time.We have the potential to supply the sample of the goods of decomposition, deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. the mould, for manufacturing.

six: How do you make our company EPTT-time period and excellent partnership?

  • We will carry on to increase the method handle, and improve the top quality of our merchandise and operate to reduce operating EPTs and supply a aggressive value for customers, to ensure that consumers reward
  • We seriously handle every client, in great faith with them to do company, make pals, no matter how significantly volume, we will supply a total assortment of solutions, a single-end sealed remedy.

  in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Demaisi 23.5*42.5*9 10 Oil Seal for Power Steering Rack Seal manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Demaisi 23.5*42.5*9 10 Oil Seal for Power Steering Rack Seal manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler